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"Cure for the Blues"

"The best new songwriter of 2007 . . . Matt is a really fine poet, but also a terrific singer and guitarist - his style is hard to pidgeon-hole - his songs are like mini-movies, beautifully crafted, like Cheryl Wheeler's, with appeal that crosses all genres . . . "Cure for the Blues" is the best solo singer songwriter release of 2007." - Christine Lavin

"This guy is absolutely great!" - Henry Hallet, KXCI FM, Tucson, AZ

Matt Price says that he started as a poet but found his words got more attention set to music. Part of the reason for that might be that he is also an excellent guitarist and has a voice often reminiscent of Bill Staines. But the words remain good poetry, often with wry insights such as those in "Happy Alone" in which the narrator says "I'm as happy alone as a dog with a bone, But I'd rather be with you and be blue," and "I dusted off my self-respect, now I need to engage in some self-sabotage, I miss that old familiar feeling of neglect."

My favorites are the narrative ballads, "Danger", about an almost innocent man on the run from the law, "Chaparral", a Marty Robbins-esque ballad with a ghostly Boot Hill vibe, and "Even Now", an anti-chantey about a guy who went to sea and disliked it so much that he's not even going back to collect the true love he went to sea to win in the first place.

Despite the CD's title, the music's tone is less bluesy than jazzy, with drums by Mark Ivester, bass by Cary Black, accordion and piano by David Lange and harmonica by Eddie Williams backing up Matt's fine guitar work. Vocals are enhanced by fine harmonies from the amazing Susan Welch and Joe Prater. Price presents stories that find truths behind conventional romantic topics with memorable musical skill and great eloquence. - Annie Scarborough,Victory Review

"Serves You Right!"

"This is the way songs are supposed to be! . . . "Serves You Right" is a fun, satisfying collection of compelling stories, fresh, memorable melodies, striking images and excellent performances...A splendid debut by a truly talented songwriter." - Victory Review, Seattle.

Other quotes

"A world class songwriter. Matt's songs are the glorious exception to the rules."
- Matt Martin, United Song Makers, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

"The care and craft you bring to your work is quite wonderful. Groove, melody, lyrics, your playing, singing - all tight, all right - a complete package, every element executed with deliberateness, each part skillfully intertwined. You exemplify what good songwriting is, and you just keep getting better."
- Larry Johnson

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